Sunday, November 21st - Last Sunday after Pentecost - Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Monday, November 22nd - St Cecilia VA
Tuesday, November 23rd - St Clement I PM - St Felicitas M
Wednesday, November 24th - St John of the Cross CD - St Chrysogonus M
Thursday, November 25th - St Catharine of Alexandria VM
Friday, November 26th - St Sylvester Ab - St Peter of Alexandria BM
Saturday, November 27th - Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
Sunday, November 28th - 1st Sunday of Advent - St Catherine Laboure V

  • Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Reception of new members into the Confraternity of Christian Mothers after the 9:30 Mass. Anyone interested should contact Esmeralda Macias
  • Night Adoration in the Home: a sign-up sheet has been placed on the podium in the vestibule. The Bookstore has booklets to aid in the practice of this devotion.
  • Bookstore update! Ready for 2022? We're ready for you, with 2022 wall calendars, day planners, and pocket planners now available. Also, just in: the books and pamphlets Fr Borja has recommended over the past month. Christmas items - coming soon!
  • Advent begins next Sunday! Advent devotions will be prayed at every Mass offered during Advent

Unselfishness - "Christ did not please Himself"

The mainspring of Our Lord’s life was to do the Will of God. In His all-holy soul there was the greatest singleness of thought, affection, and intention. By seeing God in all things, Jesus gives us an example of how He would have us live. How many sins have we committed because we were inordinately attached to our own will, our opinions, our pleasures, or our reputation! Christ the all-holy "did not please Himself." Shall we sinful creatures allow ourselves full liberty to follow our evil inclinations and disordered passions?

Look out for occasions of practising self-denial. Jesus Christ condescends to call us not servants, but friends; but let us note the condition! "You are My friends if ye do the things that I command you." The Sacred Heart of Jesus desires our perfection: "Be ye perfect as also your heavenly Father is perfect. This is the Will of God: your sanctification."

The treasure of holiness lies open to all, and the secret of utilizing these precious treasures consists in turning to spiritual profit the common routine of everyday duties and the events of Providence. That which happens to us hour by hour, by God’s Will, is what is best and most profitable for us. Daily we have active or passive means of sanctity offered us. Active sanctity consists in fulfilling with purity of intention the duties imposed by God, by the Church, by our state of life. Passive sanctity consists in the loving acceptance of what is painful and repugnant to nature, without heeding our likes and dislikes. If only we utilize the means of holiness thus provided, we shall surely become saints sooner or later.

November is the Month of the Holy Souls

An Adventure in the Apennines

A group of priests was called to Rome to treat of a grave business matter. They were bearers of important documents, and a large sum of money was entrusted to them for the Holy Father. Aware that the Apennines, over which they had to pass, were infested by daring bandits, they chose a trusty driver. There was no tunnel through the mountains nor train in those days. They placed themselves under the protection of the Holy Souls and decided to say a De Profundis every hour for them.

When right in the heart of the mountains, the driver gave the alarm and at the same time lashed the horses into a furious gallop. Looking around, the priests saw fierce bandits at each side of the road with rifles aimed, ready to fire. They were amazed that no shot rang out. They were completely at the mercy of the bandits.

After an hour's headlong flight, the driver stopped and, looking at the priests, said: "I can not understand how we escaped. These desperadoes never spare anyone." The Fathers were convinced that they owed their safety to the Holy Souls, a fact that was afterwards confirmed beyond doubt.

When their business was concluded in Rome, one of their number was detained in the Eternal City, where he was appointed chaplain to a prison Not long after, one of the fiercest brigands in Italy was captured, condemned to death for a long series of murders and was awaiting execution in this prison.

Anxious to gain his confidence, the chaplain told him of several adventures he himself had had and, finally, of his recent escape in the Apennines. The criminal manifested the greatest interest in the story. When it was ended, he exclaimed: "I was the leader of that band! We thought that you had money and we determined to rob and murder you. An invisible force prevented each and all of us from firing, as we assuredly would have done had we been able."

The chaplain then told the brigand of how they had placed themselves under the protection of the Holy Souls, and that they ascribed their deliverance to their protection. The bandit found no difficulty in believing it. In fact, it made his conversion more easy. He died full of repentance.

A simple act of Thanksgiving after Holy Communion

I thank Thee, O good Jesus, for Thy mercy to me. Thou hast died to save me from sin, and now Thou hast given me Thyself.

Blessed be Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar!

Praise ye the Lord in His holy places, praise Him in the firmament of His power. Praise Him for His mighty acts: praise Him according to the multitude of His greatness. Praise Him with sound of trumpet, with psaltery and harp, with timbrel and choir, with strings and organs, on high-sounding cymbals, on cymbals of joy: let every spirit praise the Lord!